MDH Care Coordination Services is a newer service added in 2016 to assist McDonough Medical Group (MMG) patients with overcoming barriers to improving their health while navigating the confusing healthcare system. Our Nurse Care Coordinators work hand-in-hand with patients, their providers and staff to plan, coordinate and manage services based on the individual needs and goals of the patient. They also assist patients transitioning from the hospital or nursing home back to their own home by coordinating services and ensuring they have all the necessary follow-up care.

Meet our Care Coordinators
Lindsey Woodford, BSN, RN
   Lindsey came to MDH's McDonough Medical Group from MDH Home Health in 2015 as the team nurse for Dr. Minter and Sue Adams, FNP-BC, of MMG Family Clinic. She moved into the role of Care Coordinator full time in September 2016. Lindsey loves her job at McDonough District Hospital working as a Care Coordinator for McDonough Medical Group.

Patti Kessel, RN
  Patti started with MMG in June 2016 after working in MDH Home Health and Hospice for 12 years. She always goes above and beyond to help her patients, sometimes spending hours making phone calls to find resources for them.

Stacie Mynatt, RN
  Stacie became the Population Health Nurse for McDonough Medical Group in November 2017 after working with The MDH Hospice. She first started at McDonough District Hospital as a registered nurse in 2001. She enjoys not only helping patients in the clinic, but also giving them the skills to live healthier lives at home.

Our Care Coordinators work with you and your health care team to:

  • Identify health care needs and goals important to YOU and helps communicate them to your health care team
  • Advocate for you and make sure your health care team is meeting your needs
  • Explain your health problems, treatments, options, and how to improve your health
  • Coordinate your health care between primary and specialty care providers, as well as your care within the hospital, clinic, and community
  • Facilitate access to services at MDH and in the community
  • Visit with you in your home as needed

What are the benefits of enrolling in Care Coordination services?
You will have a go-to person to help you navigate the health care system and improve your health and well-being. Your Care Coordinator will be your advocate and make sure you are getting well-coordinated, quality care when and where you need it. They will also help find resources at MDH or in the community to meet your needs.

Who is eligible for Care Coordination?

  • Patients under the care of a MMG provider may qualify if they meet certain criteria such as having:
  • 2 or more qualifying chronic illnesses (i.e. COPD, congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, etc.)
  • Multiple visits to the Emergency Department
  • Multiple visits to the hospital
  • A qualifying health plan

Call (309) 837-6937 and ask to speak to a Care Coordinator or talk to your MMG primary care provider at your next appointment. Your provider will refer you into the program.